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    Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

    Men of the Marianas Islands, let’s have the talk. And no not the talk about the birds and bees — this is about Prostate Cancer. If you aren’t already aware cancer is a disease in which cells in the body grow out of control.

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    Suicide Prevention Week

    Coping with stress, trauma, and mental health conditions such as depression can be a daunting task, and possibly one of the more challenging health issues affecting society. Experiences such as abuse, violence, bullying, and sexual violence are prime examples of the types of traumas that can lead someone to commit suicide, which is a growing cause of concern for mental health.

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    Eating Healthy Fruits of the Sea

    Have you gotten your daily dose of fish? Here in the Mariana Islands our community has for centuries been blessed with the great bounties of the sea. In fact, the history of the islands traces itself back to the very conquering of this very valuable resources with the ancestors of Ancient Chamorros seeking out far flung islands through ocean going canoes, living off a diet primarily of fish.

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