Staying Safe with StayWell Well-Adult Care

January 3, 2024

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As a StayWell member your health plan covers more than the reactive care you receive as a result of serious health condition or injury. The StayWell health plan is built with your overall health in mind through our Well-Adult care for preventative health services. Perhaps one of the most important part of this is coverage for important immunizations such as those you receive as a child to those that you may need as you age such as HPV and of course your annual flu vaccine.

Whether you're the type who pays close attention to your health or perhaps one that avoids the doctor's office as much as possible, be sure to take full advantage of your StayWell health plan by getting your routine immunizations. The best part? Routine immunizations are covered 100% by your StayWell health plan meaning you've got nothing to lose!

For more information on your health plan feel free to reach out to the StayWell Customer Care Department at 671-477-5091 so that you can stay safe and stay well with your StayWell Well-Adult Care benefits.