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StayWell Insurance was founded in 1982 offering health insurance coverage primarily to the Government of Guam. In 2022, StayWell was pleased to announce our achievement of full AAAHC accreditation which demonstrates our commitment to quality service and an important milestone for our company as we continue to serve beyond expectation.

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Health Plans That Fit Your Company

StayWell offers four types of plans to suit your needs all backed by our proven track record in reliable customer service. All StayWell plans come with preventive care services covered at 100% to help keep you and your employees happy and healthy. Click the links below to learn more about the StayWell health plan:

With a StayWell Fixed Co-payment plan you and your employees will enjoy fixed rates for specific services such as doctor’s office visits, prescription drugs, laboratory and hospitalization.

Our popular Refund Plans provide you and your employees coverage at 80/20 co-insurance for most services. At the end of the year your employees may avail of a refund of their pre-funded deductible based on utilization — an amazing reward for your employees who take good care of their health!

With StayWell’s Co-Insurance plan your employees are covered at 70/30 co-insurance for most services, a more affordable plan that’s especially suited for those who only occasionally use their health insurance.

StayWell’s Deductible plans give you full control over your health insurance premiums by allowing you to determine how much you want to pay before your health insurance applies. Enjoy the same great coverage as our standard health insurance products, but on your terms!

Healthcare That Goes Where You Go

StayWell is a Preferred Provider Organization, meaning your employees have full flexibility in their healthcare with the freedom to select their provider of choice. Your employees will enjoy coverage no matter where they go and great savings on their healthcare with StayWell’s expansive provider network within Guam, the CNMI, Asia-Pacific and in the U.S. mainland.

On- and Off-Island Care

StayWell health plans come with full-access to the region’s top facilities, a key component in how StayWell delivers high-quality healthcare with less out-of-pocket expenses. Our centers of excellence and preferred provider network goes the distance for your hard-working employees with providers all across Asia, the Pacific and the continental U.S. Our providers are meticulously chosen to ensure excellence in patient care and quality healthcare service. StayWell’s globally accessible health plans paired with our expeditious pre-certification process and outstanding customer care means getting the best care is hassle-free both in the islands and internationally.

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Partnered with Key Providers to Keep You Happy and Healthy

  • Adult Health Care Clinic
  • American Medical Center (AMC)
  • AMC Specialty Clinic
  • American Pediatric Clinic
  • American Multi-Specialty Group
  • Blue Ocean Medical Group (IHP Clinic)
  • Center for Women’s Health
  • Central Medical Clinic
  • Evergreen Health Center
  • Express Care Health & Skin Center
  • GRMC Specialty Clinic
  • Guam Adult & Pediatric Clinic
  • Guam Radiology Consultants
  • Guam Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Clinic
  • Hafa Adai Specialist Group
  • Commonwealth Health Center
  • Marianas Medical Center
  • Pacific Medical Center
  • Saipan Health Clinic
  • Medical Associates of the Pacific
  • Kagman Health Center

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