The StayWell Vision Benefit

June 6, 2022

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At StayWell, we take into consideration your whole health from your eyes to your feet. For this we know that taking care of your vision is an important part of keeping your body in tip-top shape. This is why our health plans come built in with coverage up to $25 per year for your annual eye exam to ensure that you can stay on top of your eye health. Take full advantage of your health plan by utilizing your annual eye exam benefit. This is especially important as you age. Taking care of your vision can play a pivotal role in preventing injury from falls or even perils you might encounter out on the road. Keep yourself and others safe by maintaining good eye health.

Vision Benefits

Set your sights on improving your health outcomes with the StayWell Vision benefit. With the StayWell vision benefit you get coverage up to $150 annually for eyewear and contact lenses. Get the most out of your group health plan by using your annual eye exam benefit along with your group vision benefit. If your group hasn’t already signed up for cost-savings on your eyewear, ask your group health plan administrator on the advantages of adding the StayWell vision benefit to your plan.

If you’re unsure if you already have the StayWell vision benefit, be sure to check out your group health plan benefits by going online to StayWell Access where you can get a full view of your benefits and coverages. And of course, you can always reach out to StayWell Customer Care department for information on your coverage as well as get a full list of providers where you can take advantage of your StayWell vision benefits by calling 671-477-5091 or emailing [email protected].