Take the first step towards better health with the online Health Risk Assessment (HRA)!

The online HRA helps identify areas in your health that you might want to consider changing. StayWell members 18 years old or older can complete the online HRA.

The HRA is a valuable tool that can help you evaluate areas like:

  • Self-Perceived Health Status
  • Physical Activity
  • Biometrics
  • Social and Mental Health
  • Nutrition
  • Readiness to change

Know Your Health Risk in 3 Easy Steps

  • Access the EnjoyLife Web Portal to take your online HRA. Get your username and password by contacting the Health Management Department at (671) 477-5091 ext. 1185 or [email protected]

  • Complete each question as best as you can by entering your information or selecting the answers that best apply to you. Your participation in this questionnaire is voluntary. On average, it will take you 20 minutes to complete this questionnaire.

  • Make sure to click Finish & Save. Results will be available within seconds. A Personal Wellness Profile (PWP) will be created for you to download and you can share it with your primary care physician.

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the Health Risk Assessment

The goal of the HRA is to help identify risk areas that you might want to consider changing. When you complete the HRA you’ll be given your “Health Age” and receive a personalized report based on the information you provided. If you’re at risk for certain health conditions like heart disease or diabetes, you will automatically be enrolled in the StayWell Disease Management Program for Diabetes or Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Resources like smoking cessation ‘Quit Kits’ and other educational materials are also available for members looking to make positive changes.

The HRA is hosted by Wellsource Inc., a company based out of Portland, Oregon. Through a Personal Wellness Profile (PWP), you can to complete the HRA online using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Eligible members can make an appointment to complete their HRA at our StayWell office. Our staff can assist you with registering online for the EnjoyLife Web Portal.

When you complete your HRA online it will be processed through a secure internet site. Your employer will NOT have access to your personally identifiable data. They will only receive aggregate group results (your data combined with other data in a way that does not personally identify you).

No. Your HRA results will not affect your health benefits or coverage under your StayWell health plan.

All StayWell health members 18 years old and older are able to complete the online HRA. You must complete the HRA during the specified HRA Drive qualifying period to receive an incentive.

Incentives will be processed 30 days from the time your HRA was completed. A check will be mailed to the address provided upon your enrollment with StayWell Insurance.

No. The HRA incentive is separate from all other StayWell programs. Receiving the HRA incentive will not affect your eligibility for all other StayWell programs within the 2021 Policy Year.

For more information contact the Health Management Department (671) 477-5091 ext. 1185 [email protected]

Hosted by Wellsource Inc., the HRA is NCQA Certified and HIPAA compliant. Neither Wellsource nor StayWell will share your information with anyone without your written consent.