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United Workers
Wellness EAP

Life comes with challenges that can interfere with your employee's health and wellbeing.· At StayWell we understand the need to care for your employees both at the workplace and· in their personal life. The United Wellness Worker Employee Assistance Program offers a· comprehensive list of programs, services, and resources designed to assist your employees· personally and professionally so that you can ensure your employees' needs are met· holistically. Enhance your employee benefits offerings with the United Workers Wellness EAP· by contacting your StayWell Account Executive today!

United Worker Wellness
United Worker Wellness

The Costs of Unhealthy Employees

  • Poor worker health cost U.S. employers $575 billion a year
  • Healthcare Costs are Rising
  • 61¢ of every $1 spent on healthcare benefits is lost to illness & injury
  • U.S. Employers spend on average $78.7 million per year and $10.3 million per year in paid sick leave with an estimated $37.8 million per year in lost opportunity costs
  • Weight Loss alone in workers is estimated to reduce annual medical care costs by ~$2,200 USD per employee per year
  • Companies with effective workplace wellness programs demonstrated a reduced turnover rate than those with ineffective or no programs in place.
The Costs Of Unhealthy Employees Chart

United Workers Wellness EAP Plus

One-on-One Nutritional Counseling

Understanding the role nutrition plays in our health can feel very overwhelming and confusing. Through UWW EAP Plus, employees have access to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is available to support, guide and educate participants on matters regarding their nutrition and wellness.

One-on-One Health Coaching

Certified Health Coaches can hep your employees to make healthier food choices, identify ways to maintain an active lifestyle, manage chronic health conditions or find the assistance they need. Your employees will have a personalized experience to help them craft a wellness plan and reach their goals.

Monthly Wellness Newsletter

The United Workers Wellness EAP Plus includes a monthly distribution of wellness newsletters for your employees with the latest information on an array of wellness topics such as nutrition, exercise tips, stress awareness and much more!

United Workers Wellness Eap Plus
United Worker Wellness Employee Assistance Program

Make a Difference in Your Employees' Lives with United Workers Wellness

Contact your StayWell Account Executive to learn how you can enhance your employee benefits offerings with the United Worker Wellness Employee Assistance Program!

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